Ruth has a good heart. I have had many cleaners over the years, but since 1999, I gave my home to Ruth. She is the best! She is the most hardworking, earnest, honest and reliable cleaner ever! She has my key and my complete trust. In fall 2011 we had twins and Ruth meets the challenge. Every week we greatly appreciate all Ruth does to keep us happy, spotless and organized. K. Betts

Ruth has been a part of my family for over 10 years. Ruth really cares…she cares for us, for our home, for doing her job well, for making us happy. There are no surprises with Ruth. She is trustworthy, conscientious and kind. We are always happy to walk in to the house after Ruth cleans…she exceeds our high expectations. Ruth did our post construction clean. She watches our home in the winter. She handles Spring cleaning so we can move back into the house with no effort on our part. Ruth does it all and it is all done well. V. Keenan

Ruth is competent, kind, caring, concerned and trustworthy with an astonishing work ethic. We feel lucky that she is our friend and caretaker of our home. Her staff is excellent, following Ruth's good example. She is the best. She so anticipates our needs we don't know how we would get along without her.

References supplied upon request