Pricing for residential house cleaning, housekeeping, office & corporate cleaning, new construction home cleaning in Lake Geneva Wisconsin Area

Lake Geneva residential house, home, or corporate cleaning services are available weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time, for residential, corporate or new construction. The hourly rate to clean your home is mainly based on two factors; The frequency we clean, and seasonality (summer is our prime time). If you need a one time clean, we recommend hiring us during the winter season, when we have the most availability. If you are interested in any of our services, we will meet with you, conduct an inspection of your home or office and review your cleaning objectives and budget. Then we will provide an estimate of average hours to clean, taking into account that it may take longer the first few times until we establish a maintenance level of cleaning, and that daily living circumstances may change the time required to complete a good clean. You can set a budget of hours, or we can stay longer to finish any extra tasks if our schedule allows - just let us know what you want.

Existing Residential:

  • Once a week all year: $33per hour 
  • Twice a month all year: $35 per hour
  • Monthly all Year: $36 Per Hour
  • Spring Cleaning - (prior to May) by quote - full deposit required
  • Fall Cleaning - (after October 15) by quote - full deposit required
  • Corporate & Office Cleaning - by quote
  • New construction - per quote
  • We are no longer accepting seasonal cleaning projects.

New Accounts: Opening package required.

Hourly labor is defined as the labor of one person per hour. If your property requires  4 hours to clean for example, it will take one person 4 hours to clean or 2 people 2 hours to clean, etc.

Lake Geneva Cleaning requires a 72 hour notice for any changes or cancelation. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fee.

We at Lake Geneva Cleaning strive for 100% satisfaction for all of all our customers. If in any event you are less than 100% satisified we reserve the right to correct the problem with in 24 hours of being notified.